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Tony Khan "All-Hands" AEW Roster Meeting Backstage?

According to Dave Meltzer, the backstage drama in All Elite Wrestling has gotten so bad of late, President Tony Khan is being urged to do something about it, and many wonder if he needs to have an all-hands meeting with the locker room to put whatever unrest exists to bed.

There have been rumors of CM Punk having issues backstage with other wrestlers - specifically stemming from Colt Cabana almost being released - but that's not the only issue. During the latest edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Meltzer alleged that the drama doesn't just involve the Straight Edge Superstar, but many top guys in the organization. In the past few weeks, things have gotten much worse and the issues potentially date way back to when Cody Rhodes and The Elite were having problems, and/or AEW prioritizing ex-WWE talents over their current roster stars. Dave didn't get specifically into who has taken issue with what, but did note that he feels AEW CEO Tony Khan "needs to sit everyone down and air everything out before it gets worse."

"Hangman" Adam Page made reference to some of the unrest backstage, when he spoke on Punk during AEW Dynamite that suggested he was defending his (at the time) AEW Championship from The Second City Saint and All Elite Wrestling. Punk, in return, called out an unsuspecting Page on Wednesday as a retort of sorts for comments he deemed out of line. There were others who thought the back-and-forth between the two AEW World Heavyweight Champions felt a little too real; there have been rumours of unhappiness by Eddie Kingston towards Claudio Castagnolli (could be partially storyline) and speculation that AEW talents are starting to become unhappy with how they're being used. Recently, Dustin Rhodes called those talents out and said they should leave, if their contract permits them to do so.

Is The Locker Room At a Boiling Point?

Khan is taking on a lot as the booker and head man in All Elite Wrestling. Many believe he's stretched himself too thin and the consequences of that are starting to bubble up to the surface. Meltzer notes, "it feels like a number of people are close to their breaking point, if things don't get settled."

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