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Trish Stratus Appendix Burst

Trish Stratus recently underwent successful emergency surgery to remove her appendix.

The WWE Hall of Famer revealed via social media that she drove herself to the hospital after experiencing "a sharpe nagging pain" in her lower right quadrant.

Upon reaching the hospital, Stratus discovered that her appendix was about to burst and that it was a wise decision to rush to the emergency room.

"A reminder that if you ever have a nagging pain in your lower right quadrant, please go straight to emergency room.” Stratus wrote on her Instagram.

Stratus then told her followers to "listen to your body" and never ignore it. As for her recovery, Stratus said her situation as “manageable."

Stratus also confirmed she will be making an announcement on Monday, September 19.

While there's no word on the nature of Stratus' announcement, there have been rumors of her returning to the ring over the past year or so.

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