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Why No-Sell Your Champion's Finisher @ a Live Event?

Liv Morgan mightn't have to defend her newly won SmackDown Women's Title on TV until SummerSlam, but live events are a different matter. The champion successfully defended her title in a triple threat match that included Ronda Rousey & Natalya, on Sunday night. Not something that would normally make headlines... except what happened when the bell rang was extremely strange.

Morgan hit Oblivion, her finisher, on the Hart Dungeon Graduate & then covered her for the win. It's @ that point things got a little weird. Rather than lie on the mat & sell the finisher, to take the loss, Nattie sprung up to her knees along with Liv, turned to face the champ as she was being handed the title, then pointed @ her in what appears to be an accusatory manner.

The former Riott Squad Member & the official handing her the title looked pretty shocked, with Natalya immediately rolling out of the ring, to make her way back to the locker room, after saying whatever it is she had to say to the new champion. Since this clip quickly found its way onto social media, the veteran obviously felt pressured to explain herself, but that just made the whole situation event stranger.

“I’m breaking character right now, but I actually said THANK YOU. If you must know,” Natalya tweeted, but then quickly deleted it shortly after. It certainly doesn't look like Nattie By Nature is thanking Liv for the match... & if she is, it definitely doesn't appear to be sincere. That the veteran almost immediately deleted the tweet also suggests that wasn't what she said. It may have also been a case of someone @ WWE requesting she delete it.

Above all else, immediately getting up & leaving the ring, after an opponent has beaten you with their finisher, isn't a great way to thank them. The most likely scenario is that Liv Morgan hurt Nattie by accident during the match & the former champion wasn't happy about it. Natalya isn't the type of person who would usually react like that, though she's been active on Twitter since, questioning whether it's a “slow news day,” in response to coverage of the incident.

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