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William Regal's 1995 Moonsault, Against the Great Muta

The All Elite Wrestling star took to Twitter to comment on a viral video of him attempting a moonsault during a 1995 matchup with the great Keiji Mutoh. Regal, who's best known for being one of the best technicians in the sport... & therefore not an aerialist of any note... never really utilized a high-risk offense, and the video displays exactly why.

The former NXT General Manager writes, “Can’t believe this has turned up. The only time I tried a moonsault. I’ve told you that as it’s unrecognizable as one. Not my strong suit!!!! Where has 27 years gone!!!!”

William's currently involved with the Blackpool Combat Club in AEW, and regularly appears on commentary where he continues to show affection for the “masked man,” better known as Excalibur {who's lucky to still have his mask, after (jokingly) losing all of his worldly possessions to -1 while "gambling" on wrestling, for anybody who's been enjoying his Elevation & Dark commentary work!}

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