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Worlds Collide Results

WWE NXT & their European equivalent NXT UK clash, with title & honour on the line!

Carmelo Hayes pins Ricochet to retain the NXT North American Title

Walking out with T-Shirts of his former challengers waving in the rafters, the A-Champion began the mind games early, unfurling a new shirt with his challenger’s name across the chest. Ricochet scoffed at the slight and took it right to Hayes in a fast and furious opening few minutes that saw both competitors try and gain the upper hand.

The two high-flying Superstars had the NXT Universe in attendance picking their jaws up off the floor, as they pushed each other to the limit with a series of acrobatic maneuvers and counters. Ricochet had to keep his head on a swivel with Trick Williams at ringside, as Carmelo took advantage of his friend’s distractions to upend "the One And Only" with an enziguri.

Hayes and Ricochet continued to one-up one another until they both collided in mid-air off a pair of springboard clotheslines. The weary competitors slugged it on the center of the ring, before Ricochet took control with a flurry of kicks, connecting with a recoil for a nearfall as Williams saved his friend in the nick of time.

Irate, the challenger leveled Trick with a baseball slide, but took his eyes off the prize as the NXT North American champion pounced on him with a modified bulldog and facebuster. Unsure what it would take to put Ricochet away, Hayes climbed to the top rope, but “The One and Only” hopped up on the turnbuckle to send Carmelo flying with a Superplex.

With the NXT Universe chanting “fight forever” both Superstars jockeyed to climb the ropes as the challenger dropped the champion with a poisonrana. Before he could reach the top, though, Trick Williams tried to interfere once again... but was met with a kick to the head. Ricochet quickly jumped onto the top rope, but Carmelo Hayes rolled out of the way of the shooting star press and locked his challenger up for the quick rollup pin, to retain his North American Title.

Pretty Deadly become the new Unified NXT Tag Team Champions

The weeks-long tensions between all four tag teams finally came to a head as an all-out brawl broke out before the bell could even ring. Once the referee got things under control, Josh Briggs & Brooks Jensen duked it out with Julius Creed, until Kit Wilson tagged himself in to try and steal a quick pin, quickly tagging himself back out after the Creed Brother kicked out.

Lash Legend attempted to give Pretty Deadly the advantage, but Fallon Henley was quick to respond, attacking the outspoken NXT Superstar before all four teams took turns wiping out the competition with a series of splashes to the outside floor. Brooks tried to take advantage of the chaos, but Mark Coffey sent him tumbling off the top rope, before he and Wolfgang eliminated the country strong duo with a tandem enziguri and slam.

The two NXT UK tag teams joined forces to beatdown The Creed Brothers... but the storied rivals quickly turned on each other, as Joe Coffey spurred on Gallus for a fight. The familiar rivals traded blows, until a revived Brutus Creed tagged himself in to rain down blows on Wolfgang before hitting a tandem Brutus Ball and electric chair followed swiftly by a clothesline to eliminate Gallus.

After security finally got the eliminated team to leave the arena, Pretty Deadly showed off their own strength, manhandling Brutus. Wilson & Elton Prince could not hold the Creed Brother back for long, though, as he finally tagged in his brother for a series of unreal suplexes and slams. As Julius went for a pin near the apron, the referee slid out of the ring to make the count, but was sandwiched by a brawling Gallus and Briggs & Jensen. Kit Wilson attempted to take advantage of the situation with a chair, but Damon Kemp ran interference... only to take the chair for himself and smash Julius Creed, before rolling the referee back into the ring to give Pretty Deadly the victory.

Mandy Rose Unifies the NXT & NXT UK Women’s Championships

Arriving in style, the NXT Women’s Champion looked to put some respect on her name, in a highly anticipated showdown with NXT UK Women’s Champion Meiko Satomura and her #1 Contender Blair Davenport. Looking to take care of “The Final Boss” first, Rose and Davenport teamed up to take down Satomura in the opening minutes... but their alliance was short-lived, as the Superstars fought over the pin.

Meiko attempted to fight off both challengers, but couldn't compete with the numbers advantage as Blair powerslammed the NXT UK Women's champion onto the arena floor before turning her attention to Mandy in the ring. The NXT Women's champion rallied against Davenport until Satomura recovered to drop both Superstars onto the apron. After Blair flattened Rose with double stomps to the back, the fierce NXT UK rivals squared off once again.

The fight between the two storied rivals didn't last long, as Mandy pulled Davenport off the top rope, to set up a one-on-one showdown with “The Final Boss.” The two respective champions traded blows, with Meiko firing up to level her US counterpart with a spinning kick.

The divide-and-conquer mentality continued, as neither Superstar could hold on to their momentum for long. After a jaw-dropping superplex and frog splash series, Satomura took control with a flurry of kicks and a double DDT to both her opponents, but couldn't take advantage, as all three Superstars traded blows in a chaotic flurry.

As Blair went for the cover on the NXT women's champion, Meiko raced in to deliver a Scorpio Rising to the back of the head, but as “The Final Boss” covered Davenport, Mandy Rose flew in out of nowhere with a running knee, to swipe the pin and earn her respect.

Party Hearty Girlz retain the NXT Women’s Tag Team Titles

In their first NXT Women’s Tag Team Title defense, Katana Chance & Kayden Carter had the tall task of squaring off with Raw Superstars Doudrop & Nikki A.S.H. The partying pair showed little hesitation, stepping up to the powerful former Piper Niven, but the Scottish Superstar changed the momentum after flattening the champs with a huge senton.

Chance attempted to fight out of the opposite corner, but Nikki pinned her inside the ring apron, as she and Doudrop continued to pummel Katana in a one-sided affair, before finally escaping to tag in a heated Carter, who flew in to take out both challengers with a flurry of dropkicks. A.S.H quickly took the wind out of Kayden’s sails with a DDT, but despite a slam from the former NXT UK Superstar, Carter kept fighting to catch Doudrop with a superkick.

The challengers dropped Kayden with an "Ashdrop," but Katana flew in to save her partner from the pinfall. As Doudrop climbed to the top rope, Toxic Attraction’s music hit and Gigi Dolin & Jacy Jayne ran out to take the fight to Nikki. With the former Viper all by herself, the Party Hearty Girlz hit their tandem 450 Splash and reverse neckbreaker to secure the pinfall victory and retain the NXT Women’s Tag Team Titles.

Bron Breakker proves to be the Real "Big Strong Boi"

With the storied legacies of both brands resting on their shoulders, NXT Champion Bron Breakker and NXT UK Champion Tyler Bate collided for the future of NXT. After feeling each other out in the opening moments with a series of counters and reversals, the "Big Strong Boi" wrestled the Second Generation Superstar to the mat, but the power of Breakker proved to be too much, as he caught Bate with a backbody drop and a standing moonsault.

Bron continued to overpower Tyler, but the NXT UK champion rallied with a belly-to-belly suplex and a standing shooting star press, to stun the NXT champion for a two-count. Bate kept his foot on the gas, catching Breakker in mid-air for a sit-down powerbomb, then set up for a top-rope exploder... but the Steinerizer shoved him off for a flying bulldog and a massive sit-down powerbomb of his own.

Both champions exchanged blows, until Bron caught a right hand from Tyler to lock in an armbar, but “The Big Strong Boi” hoisted the Second Generation Wrestler onto his shoulders and spun him around for a dizzying slam. With Breakker disoriented, Bate connected with a stunning Tyler Driver for a nearfall.

Both men threw everything they had left in the tank at one another, for a series of jaw-dropping nearfalls. After Tyler countered a spear, he tagged Bron with a massive right hand. The NXT UK champion ricocheted off the rope for a clothesline, but the NXT champion countered, nearly spearing him in half to record the victory. In a show of respect, Tyler Bate handed Bron Breakker both titles, before the two hugged and cheered with the NXT Universe in attendance

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