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WWE's Secret Rule Ended Recent RAW Tag Team Match

The road to SummerSlam rolls on... & since The Biggest Show of the Summer is earlier than ever this year, there are now only 2 more episodes of Monday Night Raw left until the big day. Among the matches not yet confirmed, but seemingly on the docket, is The Miz versus Logan Paul. The latter will be on next week's episode, so the match will likely be made official that Monday.

Since Paul's Very Punchable Face wasn't in attendance for the show this week, Mike Mizanin remained tied up with "Phenomenal" AJ Styles. The Miz & Missus star furthered his alliance with Tommaso Ciampa, as the dastardly duo teamed up to take on Phenomenal Facsimile (Styles & Ezekiel). The Ball Busters lost the match... but the reason it came to such an abrupt end, wasn't really explained. There was no pinfall... no submission... & no clear reason why Ciampa & Miz were disqualified.

Fans took to social media after the match, confused as to why the match ended without much explanation. Dave Meltzer & Bryan Alvarez may have shed some light on the situation, on Wrestling Observer Radio after Raw, citing WWE's secret rule as the potential reason why Ciampa and Miz were disqualified.

“There’s a secret rule in WWE that in a tag match you only get one save and this was the second save. So therefore it’s a DQ,” Meltzer explained. Alvarez added that the rule's actually a little more complex than that. The announcers said the DQ was for the illegal man attacking the opposing team's legal man... however, the hidden part of that rule's that rule doesn't apply, when breaking up a pin.

Since Tommaso got involved in the match, as the illegal man, for a 2nd time... & it wasn't to break up a pin... he & the Miz were disqualified. As for looking out for this rule in the future, it's probably not advised. WWE will likely only employ it, when it suits them. There will undoubtedly be countless examples where this rules has been forgotten throughout history too, some of which will probably be very recent.

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