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Welcome to the home of the only mobile back shave service on the planet!
- we come to your home and shave your back for you!
- Three tiers to choose from as low as 9.99 a month!
-finest creams and lotions


-Cheapskate Tier package:  our trainees will come to your home and learn to shave your back once a month -9.99

-Mid Tier package: Twice a month our backshave college graduates perform there expert techniques -49.99

-Premium Tier package :Our very best will come to you once a week with a straight razor, (professional masseuse/models) -99.99



Micheal "Not George" Jones

T Bradley - I bought this service for my husband
he says "he loves it and that he has his confidence back" we have been making love every night since you guys came

B Lume - I am a high school student that has been
"cursed with a fluffy back" I was getting made fun of in the change room but sinse backshaves has been part of my

life things have changed, I have a girlfriend and my grades have improved

M Johnson  - I have always struggled with the hair on my back,
in fact i've always had more hair on my back then my head and that can be a bit embarrassing. Since using there service I am now living my dream to become a banker!

Is Backshaves the career for you?

IMG_9944 (1).PNG
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