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AEW Rampage review/results: May 13, 2022

This is Rampage baby! (Cough cough)

This week's episode opened with Death Triangle vs the AFO. Tag team matches are always a great way to start a show and I missed seeing Death Triangle wrestle as a team. Pac is a top 5 wrestler in the world and has been fir awhile now. Mark Quen got shine in this match and that’s good to see especially with Kassidy being injured. I like all these guys, but I’d prefer for the AFO to end soon, I think it’s time to move past it. Rey Fenix bumped his buttocks off in this match and showed why he is without a doubt the best luchador in the world right now. After the match the camera panned to O’reilly in the crowd and then the lights went out revealing House of Black and then they disappeared.

Winner: Death Triangle


After the commercial break was Shawn Spears vs Bear Boulder. I love Shawn Spears entrance and he plays his role perfectly. This was a short but good match and Shawn Spears hit an impressive C4 and wore out a chair on Boulder after the bell.

Winner: Shawn Spears


Next was a backstage promo with Nese and Mark Sterling. Smart Mark is one of my favorite things in wrestling. Tony Nese has improved his promos a lot and this was a funny segment.


The next match was Riho vs Ruby Soho in the first round of the O.H.F.T and this was a fun match. Like this match rocked. This match is for sure one of my 5 favorite AEW women's matches. Ruby got the win with the blade runner.

Winner: Ruby Soho


Next was a fantastic backstage segment with the A$$claimed. Find a way to watch this, pure freakin gold.


Next was a Jade Cargill promo. Forget your Judas crap, this is the best theme song in AEW. Mark Sterling working double duty for the second time this week, I love you Smart Mark. I like Jade and Kierra, but I’ve never liked Red Velvet. Tony I so unintentionally funny and I hope he lives forever. AEW has been killing it with segments recently. Kris Statlander was revealed as Red Velvets opponent in the quarterfinals next week.


Next it was time for your Mainnn event! Of the evening.

(C) Scorpio Sky vs Frankie Kazarian for the TNT Championship. The promo before this match was great and teased some tension between Scorpio and Top Team. They gave these guys like 20 minutes to work, and they delivered. A match soaked in story and both guys are good wrestlers. Scorpio deserves more respect and I hope he holds the belt for at least a few more months. SCU was one of my favorite tag teams at the start of AEW and seeing their story come full circle accompanied by a character shift Sky is a great thing. Especially when the match is really good. Lambert and Page interfered and I thought “Sky is gonna be pissed.” Then I realized Sky didn’t see it. Then everyone on the planet got worked. This was a great technical match and an ambitous piece of booking. Not even the show ending with Sammy Guevara and his flavor of the week can ruin this match.

Winner: Scorpio Sky


Everything was either good or great on this show. AEW should be proud of the show they put out today. This weeks shows gets 🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽

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