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AEW X NJPW review

This is a PPV that us pro wrestling fans have been waiting for. Soon as this forbidden door was mentioned on Dynamite last year, we would of never have thought it was this amazing.

JAS Def. "Mad King" Eddie Kingston, Yuta & Shota Umino:

This match started off crazy with Jericho and Yuta, slapping eachother and Yuta hit 6 beautiful German Suplexes. The match went straight up madness with Eddie Kingston and Suzuki

chopping eachother with loudest chops i have ever heard. The match was fast and there was many crowd pop moments. With Umino putting on Walls of Jericho on The Wizard, it was bound to be over until Suzuki interfered and Jericho hit the Judas Effect on Umino.

The match was a great opener and it was believed to be JAS winning this match as i do think they will lose a Blood and Guts. Grade: A-

FTR Def. United Empire vs Romero and Trent? Winner Take All:

It's amazing to think that FTR were basically treated like jobbers throughout their entire WWE main roster run. Part of that was that they were not seen as the kind of guys who could rise to top star level, but is anyone in AEW as over with the crowd as they are. Even with the injury mid match, it was never in doubt that FTR will come away with the win. Grade: A

Pac Def. Miro vs Black vs Connors for All-Atlantic Championship:

AEW fans had just about given up on PAC winning any big matches, to the point where I think most people were probably certain that either Miro or Black would win this one. As a result, the crowd popped huge for PAC's win. Pac deserved this so much. Hopefully he can do more with this title. Grade: B+

Dudes With Attitude vs Young Bucks and El Phantasmo:

This match started off great. The lights went out and the cameras cut to Sting up on the catwalk, WCW style. For a moment, I was thinking, "please don't have Sting lowered from the roof when you have a deal with the Owen Hart Foundation." Luckily, it was a ruse, as Sting was actually on top of the entrance tunnel, where he leapt onto the heels. Ultimately. Takagi pinned Phantasmo and Bullet Club at this point looked a bit weak. Grade: A-

Thunder Rosa Def. Toni Storm for AEW Women's Championship:

The only women's match on the card (since NJPW has no female wrestlers) didn't disappoint. Rosa and Storm put on a clinic, and Kevin Kelly on commentary talked up their Stardom history to tie it in with Japan. Alot of sources crapped on this match but i believed Toni Storm is the future of any promotion she signs with. Grade: A

Will Ospreay Def. Orange Cassidy for IWGP US Title:

You would think that the Orange Cassidy formula would get stale, but put him against someone like Will Ospreay and watch Ospreay's disgust at Cassidy's antics, and then watch them put on a possible match of the night besides. And then top it off with Shibata appearing after the match to save Cassidy from a United Empire beatdown and kick Ospreay's ass? Yeah, the fans got their money's worth. This was my favourite match of the night and proved that British wrestlers are on fire. Grade: A+++++

Claudio Castagnoli Def. Zack Sabre Jr:

Claudio Castagnoli (the former Cesaro) was probably the most heavily speculated choice for the mystery opponent, but that didn't stop the crowd from going wild when he appeared. How many times can I point out that the competitors had an excellent match at this PPV? All of the matches were excellent. That said, Castagnoli was born to wrestle Zack Sabre Jr. at this PPV, and in terms of people who could fill Bryan Danielson's shoes in that spot, he's one of only a few. Claudio has the world at his feet now and he needs to prove to us and WWE why he should of been the man.He is the best Technical Wrestler in the busniess in my opionin. Grade: A

Jay White Def. Adam Cole, Hangman Page and Okada for IWGP Heavyweight Title:

Another great match marred slightly by a confusing ending, though it seems that's because Cole had a concussion. I am not suprised with the ending but you can see there is problems between Elite and Bullet Club. Grade: B

Jon Moxley Def. Tanahashi for AEW Heavyweight Championship:

In case anyone was worried that the NJPW wrestlers didn't get enough video packages to introduce them on AEW Dynamite, consider this: Jon Moxley, perhaps the most beloved star in AEW, was booed as the crowd supported Tanahashi. Sometimes, it's okay to book a show for your most hardcore fanbase and let them figure things out. This match was entertaining and i was suprised with blood being involved. The ending was entertaining also, with JAS attacking the ring, You can see the heat with Claudio and Eddie Kingston. Grade: A+

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