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AJ Lee says Serena Deeb is AEW’s best wrestler

AJ Lee was recently on The Sessions with Renee Paquette, AJ said she has really been enjoying All Elite Wrestling. Accordingly and she also revealed who she thinks is the best wrestler on the roster is.

“I think the best wrestler they (AEW) have is Serena Deeb. I’m obsessed with her. Serena and I go way back. I was in FCW, and I was the first female indie wrestler they had signed in like a decade or something. It was this huge deal. I only had two years of experience, so it was kind of just this label. When she came it was like I was just drowning, and this wonderful person came to save me. She was an indie wrestler that had a lot of experience, like a real indie wrestler,” Lee explained.
“She was so good, and she taught me so much in this very short period of time, and then got injured,” she continued. “Then I had to step up and be locker room leader. All I did was just mimic what she taught me. It made me a better wrestler and I honestly credit her [with] teaching me and then passing that torch to me, or me becoming a good wrestler and everything else happened afterward success-wise. So she’s just the beginning of a chapter for me and I just like to see her shine now. She’s so f*cking good.”

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