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AJ Styles was forced out Impact Wrestling says Jeff Jarrett

When you think of the early days of Impact Wrestling one name which comes to mind is AJ Styles. AJ was TNA through and through. According to Jeff Jarrett on the latest episode of my World. Jeff talks about AJ Styles leaving for WWE back in 2013.

“I found this out later. They said some awful things and had devalued AJ. They basically forced AJ against his will to leave. That’s how committed AJ Styles was to the brand. He was TNA through and through. He had to be essentially forced out.”

He would go one to also say that

"Road Dogg was very instrumental in bringing AJ into WWE because of his position at the time with the company,” he revealed. “AJ was such a tried and true, and committed to his core. He was going to go back to IMPACT with Doc and Karl before he signed with WWE. He was that committed to the brand.”

AJ Styles would go on to have a great Career in WWE and still wrestling there as of today

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