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Are you ready for NXT 2.0?

Today is a new day for the WWE and their extension brand NXT. Today is the day that WWE unveils the new NXT... NXT 2.0!

We should see what they have planned as rumors are we could see several new wrestlers like Baron Richstenier and Parker Boudreaux are predicted to appear for the new coat of paint of WWE developmental arm.

It should also be noted that from here on out NXT will only be referred as NXT 2.0 and the Capitol Wrestling Center, where NXT has been performing at since the move from Full Sail, will be called The Home of NXT 2.0.

I can honestly say I'm kind of turned off by this new rebranding. In all honesty, the approach doesn't make that much sense to the average fan, which was not who the NXT brand was pointed towards.

While there are still performers from the old NXT 1.0, I can imagine that they too would soon be moved either to the main roster or be let go once their contracts expired.

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