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Becky Lynch weighs in on the AEW women's division, “They aren’t as good as we are”

Lynch is one of the faces of WWE and arguably the face of the women's division, making history at every turn. Though she's no longer the Raw Women's Champion, she remains one of the top stars on the brand and was a focal point in her return to television on Monday's WWE Raw. AEW has emerged as a viable competitor to WWE, but fans often criticize the time given to the women's division on AEW TV.

Speaking on Drew Garabo Live podcast, Lynch was asked about the AEW women's division and the competition.

"I wish I could say 'yes,' but, unfortunately, I don't think they are represented the way we are, they don't get as much time as we get and frankly, they're not as good as we are," Lynch said, seemingly answering in-character when asked if she feels AEW gives her another reason to raise the bar. "We have, certainly on Raw, we have the best women's division in the world. I say that without any hesitation in my voice. We have the best women's division in the world. Competition is great and it's great for there to be another place and I have a very good friend, Ruby Soho, over there and I would love to see her as champion one day. I would love to see her get the spotlight she deserves. Competition is always great. Over here, we're on another level."

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