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Big E Provides Update On His Broken Neck

Wrestlinginc reported today that Big E took to Twitter this morning to provide an update on his recovery from a broken neck. The former WWE Champion revealed his recovery may be taking alot longer than expected, stating that his C1 isn’t “healing normally” and that he will need to spend another 4-6 weeks in a neck brace to avoid fusion surgery

For those desirous of an update, my C1 apparently isn’t healing optimally. I’ll spend another 4-6 weeks in a brace in hopes that I can avoid a fusion. But don’t you fret! I’ve got a tremendous support system & what shall be shall be.

Following his neck injury on the March 11 episode of SmackDown, Big E confirmed that he didn’t suffer any spinal cord or ligament damage, and therefore would not require surgery. At the time, Big E explained that his C1 and C6 vertebrae were fractured. He was expected to heal completely within 8 – 12 weeks, which is the regular recovery time for a fractured neck

Within a week of his neck fracture, Big E posted a video of himself walking around his neighborhood, which was viewed as a positive step in his recovery process. Later in March, Big E revealed that his doctor informed him that he “narrowly escaped a stroke, paralysis or death.”

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