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Bret Hart The First Cool Champ!

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

AEW teases it every week: will Bret Hart become the new Manager of FTR? Maybe you hear the name all the time but you don’t really know who Bret Hart was. Maybe you do know, and just want to hear again why “he’s the the best there is! The best there was and the best ever will be!"

Well let me tell you something brother! Bret was the first cool World Champion, and he did it in pink! Bret had that calm, icey cool demeanor that no other wrestler had before! Bret didn’t do it with an exaggerated physique or a cheap patriotic gimmick. He did it with power moves, catch phrases and pure technical wrestling! He would eventually become the best in-ring story teller of all time. We can’t talk about great storytelling with out mentioning Bret’s matches with Mr. Perfect or the British Bulldog. When we look for Bret’s best chemistry partner we find Bret’s younger brother, Owen Hart. He was loaded with wrestling ability. It was Bret that got his brother the spotlight, and in return Bret always got the best out of Owen. The brothers would perform magic in the ring at Wrestlemania and Summerslam. Bret and Owen‘s feud would become the best sibling feud in the history of wrestling. But our emotions would be twisted in another way when Bret and Owen forgave each other on Monday Night Raw, an emotional segment that ranks as one of the best in all of WWF/WWE.

Bret‘s ability to get over as a smaller baby face champion became a major highlight in his illustrious career. He would often fight punching up, especially when there were men of much larger stature to compete with, wrestling legends like the Undertaker or Kevin Nash. Bret used to say, “no one takes a shit kicking like Bret Hart.“ He played the ultimate David vs Goliath, better than any other icon in pop culture.

As CM Punk summed Bret up pretty well, when he said, ”I think Bret Hart is the best there is, the best there was and the best there ever will be. I think his stuff holds up, I was a Shawn Michaels fan growing up because he was flashy and he was cocky, but some of his stuff doesn’t hold up the way Bret’s does. Bret’s timeless.”

I mean he’s the first ever wrestler on the Simpsons! Yes he’s Bret The Hitman Hart, the very first cool world champion!

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