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Britt tells fightful "We Got The Wrong One"

In a recent report by fightful britt was asked about her opinions on some Superstars. She gave her opinions on Jade Cargill, John Silver,Shotzi Blackheart,Candice LeRae, Johnny Gargano. But the comments about Christian Cage is what got some people talking

“Are you serious? Funny? Christian Cage? Jay Reso? Edge was funny. Christian will never be funnier than Edge. Listen, I did a comic con with Christian. Houston. My line literally tripled his. He’s a legend, right? But I’m supposed to say nice things. Okay. I really enjoy Christian’s feedback on promos, matches, et cetera. He is a friend of mine. I will say that. I’m friends with Christian. He’s hilarious, but not as funny as Edge. I don’t know Edge, I’m kidding. This is embarrassing, Edge is my first wrestling crush. All my friends know that, so it’s whatever. I always tease Christian, ‘Hey, we got the wrong one.’ I really like Christian, all jokes aside. He is someone I can always just grab last minute in the hallway, say, ‘Hey, I need help with this. Can you help me?’ He’s so witty. His wrestling mind is unmatched. He really is one of the good ones. We’re really lucky to have his brain in AEW.

It's very clear Britt was joking when saying this but still a funny story to read. Britt will face Toni Storm this coming Wednesday on AEW: Dynamite in the Owen Hart tournament

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