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Cena V Goldberg after SummerSlam?

So as we inch closer and closer to SummerSlam, we have two stalwarts of the wrestling industry that have come back to WWE to take on their current champions. Goldberg showed up and challenged Bobby Lashley for his strap on Raw and Cena, being at the right place at the right time, got his match with Roman Reigns and his Universal Title.

However, during an interview with DAZN, Goldberg talked about taking on Cena post-SummerSlam whether he is the champ or not. See, these two have never gone nose to nose once in their respective careers except for the Royal Rumble in '04.

Cena of course is taking the same path as The Rock and has gone committed himself to the rigors of being a Hollywood A-Lister, so his time in the WWE is going to be somewhat limited and Goldberg wants to take the opportunity to take on Cena.

When asked about possibly taking on Reigns, Goldberg offered a smile and said he'd love to take on someone from Georgia Tech. Roman once played football at Georgia Tech while in college and Goldberg was a Georgia Bulldog during his college career. No need to imagine the love-hate relationship between these two schools and their football programs. It's pretty intense.

I'm all for a match between these two and if they are their brand's respective champions, imagine the good ol' "SlobberKnocker" they would have possibly at Survivor Series. Two icons of their generations going at it.

Now the realism in this is that Goldberg hasn't had quite the top matches lately, be it age or ability, but his last few appearances for WWE have been less than stellar. Cena knows how to have a good match and has been known to help carry his lesser opponents far into a match but there are reasons why Goldberg's matches last minutes. This was the way well before WWE in his heyday in WCW. He's not a pure wrestler and when matches go longer than say 10 minutes, he looks blown.

Whether it be Cena or Reigns that Goldberg might take on post-SummerSlam, I just want a decent match.

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