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Dax Harwood revealed that Shawn Michaels made fun of his depression

"As a kid, I chose Bret over Shawn. Then, NXT, Shawn came on board and he was a teacher. He was a big fan of me and [Cash]. We got injured. [Cash] broke his jaw when KENTA gave him the GTS, maybe 2 weeks later, I give Sheamus a lifter and I tore my bicep. I went through a real bad phase then. 'Man, this is not going to work for us. This is a run of bad luck.' We came back to TV and at RAW 25, we were booked to do the deal with Hunter and his friends where they just beat us up. I was so upset because, for a lot of guys, 'Oh, it's just a paycheck, who cares.' Not to me. There is a legacy I want to leave. That happened and I talked to Shawn, it was the first time we talked since the PC days. I told him, 'this happened, I tore my bicep, I went through a really dark period and I thought I was going to quit. Thankfully, I have the greatest wife in the world and she supported me and brought me out of this funk and out of a dark place and I'm here now and super happy.' He said, 'I was the same way. I was in this very dark spot and my wife, she's beautiful, she pulled out of this dark spot too.' 'Ah, that's so awesome.' 'You and your partner are way too talented to be doing what you're doing tonight and way too talented to stay at this point. Just keep your nose to the ground and keep grinding and you're going to get over.' 'Ah man Shawn, thank you so much.' We had this bonding moment.

Then we got in front of his friends, X-Pac, Hunter, Billy, Road Dogg, and Scott. As soon as we got in front of his friends, he started making fun of me and my situation and what happened with my bicep. Man, I just poured my heart out to you and as soon as we get in front of your friends as we're going over them beating the shit out of us, you decide to take all that stuff and make fun about it. I never ever forgot it and as soon as we were done with the business of Raw, one person said 'thank you' and that was Sean Waltman. Everyone else was so cold to us and treated us like we were just the shit on the bottom of their shoes except for Sean Waltman. I'll never forget that with Shawn and I hope there is a day where we can sit down and have a conversation and I can ask him why he did that and we can reconcile if he wants to. if I love you, I love you. If I don't, I don't."

(Via Oral Sessions With Renee Paquette)

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