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Did “Hangman” Adam Page just turn heel?

Last night on AEW Dynamite, it appears that “Hangman” Adam Page turned heel For his match with CM Punk. Page was

leaning Heavy into his heelish side during the promo.

Page said that at AEW Double Or Nothing, they will not have a “masturbatory” Bret Hart tribute match. This got a reaction out of Bret Hart super fan Dax hardwood of FTR. Who replied on twitter, “I’ll kick Adam Page’s ass”

Page said that Punk was not at

Dynamite this week because he

was probably filming another TV

show but he will embarrass him

at the pay-per-view and CM Punk will be in for the fight of his life.

So the question remains did Hangman turn heel? It could be just for this fued, someone needs tonne heel or it could be that his time as a face champion has run it's course.

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