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Five finger review and results with Dean Double or Nothing 2022:

Hey guys I’m back in town just in time for Double or Nothing. This is my first review as a high school graduate and whatever so let’s make this a good show Tony.

Buy In:

Speaking of Tony. Mr. Nese and the best manager in the world right now (sorry Paul…I love you though .) vs HOOKHAUSEN! I have a lot of personal investment in this feud because It got a non wrestling fan to get invested. I love the silly shit man, wrestling doesn’t need to be serious all the time. Sometimes we just want to be entertained and have fun, and under those terms they delivered. Before the match Max Caster and the ass boys was out before the match and Max did his rap lane it was fun like always. Colten Gunn said the wrong PPV name twice and it was just fun and dumb.



Main Card:

MJF vs Wardlow started the show and This match was a blast dude. MJF tried avoiding the inevitable for as long as his sweet potato legs could carry him. The begging was a lot of cat and mouse but it was a lot of fun. MJF is a great wrestler and Wardlow is good to. A good match with a great story is better than a great match with a good story if you ask me. Wardlow got his contract after the match and this was a great story and I’m happy but sad it’s over.

Winner: Wardlow

🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽 🖕🏽

Next was the Young Bucks vs the Hardy Boyz. The bucks became Elvis for a night I guess, those sideburns are aggressive. This match was arguably better than their ROH match. BRANDON YOU TWAT!!! He pulled Matt off the apron! If you like spots this match is for you man. Sometimes it took me out of it but for the most part I really enjoyed this. It was a good match to have after the MJF squash. I think the wrong guys won though.

Winner: Hardy boyz


Jade Cargill vs Anna Jay followed and I like Anna Jay quite a bit. Jade Cargill is only getting better and her presentation has been great. This match was Ight like you don’t need to go out of your way to see it but nobody expected a show stealer or anything but for what it was it was fine.. The best part of the match was Mark hobbling down the ramp in a neck-brace. John Silver then came down and gave him a suplex on the outside. This match had a couple good false finishes. MALCOLM BIVENS!!!!! YESSSSS!!!!!!!! That totally saved all of this. It’s nice to finally see Athena in AEW.

Winner: Jade Cargill


House of Black vs Death Triangle followed and this match was awesome. If the Julia Hart story pushed passed Double or Nothing I was going to be a little upset but finally she dumped the Blondes. I hope the House of Black and Death Triangle story is over now. Both teams are great and I’m looking forward to seeing what they do next.

Winner: House of Black


Next was Samoan Joseph vs Adam Cole (bay bay!) in the finals of the Owen Hart tournament. This match was obviously fun, because like look who was in the match. Adam Cole got the win and I’m ok with Adam Cole winning but like I don’t think there was ever much doubt.

Winner:. Adam Cole


The Women’s finals was next, Britt Baker D.M.D vs Ruby Soho. I think Goni Storm should’ve won the whole thing but if she wasn’t going to why would Britt need it other than the connection between her and Cole. She is already the best women’s champion in this companies history by far. Ruby has been finger tips from the main event scene and I really think this could’ve been her match. Most of the fans wanted Kris Statlander to win and either way Britt doesn’t need it. The match was fun though.

Winner: Britt Baker


American top team vs Tayvara and Frankie Kazarian. I would much rather have an actually title match on the show but this match was fine. Paige Vanzant made her debut and she’s a little green but what do you expect. She will get better over time but she looked comfortable in the ring which is great. Sammy kicked Tay in the face which I actually found quite gratifying. Top team used that mistake to get the win.

Winner: American Top Team


Next was Kyle O’Reilly vs Darby Allin. This match rocked, I love that Kyle O’Reilly won he deserves to be treated like a threat and I’ve been happy with his booking since he got to AEW. But I want ReDragon back whenever y’all feel like it Tony. Maybeeee the next AEW world tag team Champions?

Winner: Kyle O’Reilly


Next was the AEW Women’s world championship match between (C ) Thunder Rosa and Serena Deeb. This was a lot of people “Match of the night” and you can’t blame them. The build to this match was a drag but the match itself was great. They both showcased their strengths and this match did a good job of hiding their weaknesses. Thunder Rosa retained, hopefully they start putting her on TV now.

Winner: ( C ) Thunder Rosa


The “Anarchy in the Arena” was next and this match was about what you’d expect. A lot of brawling, a lot blood. Straight brawling isn’t my style but it has its place and everyone really seemed to dig it. This match turned itself to eleven. If this style is your thing then you must see it.

Winner: JAS


The AEW Tag Title match was next and it was fun. I like team Taz and “Swere in our Glory” but Jurassic express retained and I’m just waiting for them to drop the belts. Jungle boy is too good already and has to much potential to not get a mid-card singles push by 2023. The match was good, I was just disappointed about the winner.

Winner: Jungle friends


Next was the main event of the evening. ( C ) Hungman Page vs CM Punk. This was a good match when they just went at each-other and stuck to what works for them. They got a little to ambitious at times but it didn’t take away from the match much. I did not think CM Punk would actually win. After the go home promo I was almost certain it was Page who was walking out with the belt. Good match, great move, I’m excited for “the Summer of Punk 3.”

Winner: CM Punk


Great show…too long. I know that the ECF game 7 was tonight and big Tony didn’t want to compete with the NBA, which I get but the wrestling fans are going to choose the wrestling. I would’ve had Team Taz leave with the belts or Swerve and Keith because Keith is starting to wind it down, because of his health which ALWAYS comes first. I think Punk being champion will make a lot of AEW haters tune in even if it’s just for his segments. Form there it’s Tony Khans job to keep those fans watching when he’s not. If a little bit of the fat was trimmed off this show it would be a top 5 AEW PPV for me personally. But ALL OUT 2021 and Revolution 2020 and still mine. Overall Double or nothing 2022 gets


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