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Dynamite review: June 1, 2022

The last Dynamite of my childhood..

This weeks episode Started CM Punk and FTR vs Caster and the Ass boys.

The AssClaimed is slowly becoming my favorite thing in wrestling right now. I love to laugh and I like when wrestling celebrates how silly it can be. Let’s not act like we have to take everything seriously all the time. Get off ur high horse nobody cares just watch, laugh and enjoy. Especially when it’s good wrestling too. This was a fun match and Punk cut a good promo after the match. He never misses man. Punk vs Tanahashi…. Happy early birthday to me!!

Winner: Top Guys and CM Punk


Up next was MJF. Damnit what a promo. This was a genuine masterpiece of a promo, take notes everyone. I hope this is a work but I honestly don’t know. The thing is that good I don’t want to know. That’s the problem with wrestling nowadays the fans know to much. This is a fantastic work shoot promo. I think it’s a work now but that was the best promo, I’ve ever heard outside the WWE.

🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽 ⭐️

After commercial Johny Elite had his open challenge. MIRO IS BACK!!!!! I’m going to cry what a show so far. Put the TNT title back on Miro at the next pay per view please! Or before honestly I’m fine If it has enough build. It was Johny Elite vs Miro of course it was great.

Winner: Miro


Next was the JAS. I like these guys now, they’ve been together long enough where I’m just used to it. But this is good. The promo was good. I don’t know where Daniel Garcia was though. Jericho going crazy is phenomenal. Oh yea he’s in the main event. Eddie made a shock appearance and cut a great promo like he always does. BLOOD AND GUTS 2! Or so we thought. Eddie tried to fight them alone and he got jumped. Ortiz attacked Jericho and cut his a piece of his hair. And then Jericho agreed to the match but Jericho wants Ortiz in a hair vs hair match. This was entertaining.


After the break was RedBucketClub vs Jungle friends, Matt Hardy and Darby Allin. This match was good. Not much reason for being, but it was a fun match with a hot crowd. Also I can never be upset about seeing Kyle Oreilly and Jungle Boy wrestle. Kyle Oreilly is frickin awesome. If you missed it he took that dinner and stumbled to make the tag but missed and fell through the ropes. (Chefs kiss) Christian needs to turn heel soon.

Winners: RedBucketClub


Next was a backstage promo with Swerve in are Glory and his Hollywood

Homies. He got a new jacket and talked about the lakers and whatever. I’m sure someone liked it.


Next was an Athena promo. She did good then got interrupted by the baddie section. Stonefly Hathaway then cut a promo and now I’m truly happy. Malcolm Bivens is on a good show. These two have a natural chemistry I’m excited to see where this goes. They set up Athena vs Kiera Hogan and that’s gonna be a good match. They did the thing AEW does a lot though and crammed all the women in one segment. All of this averaged out to mid.


After commercial was Wardlows first match as a member of the AEW roster in kayfabe. I like his song but I kind of hoped they would keep the no music entrance. JD Drake plays his role very well. Wardlow is Goldberg that can work and he’s going to be the biggest thing in wrestling some day. He is capable of having these longer matches but why would he when he doesn’t need to yet. Mark Sterling interrupted Wardlow after his match and like is at every week Mark is the actual best.

Winner: Wardlow


Next was a backstage promo with Top team. They talked about Scorpios title defense on Rampage this week. Scorpio is great.


Britt Baker and Jamie Hayter vs Toni Storm and Ruby Soho. See this match makes sense, and I like all four of these women. Woah Ruby pinned Britt. Jamie layed them both out after the bell with the belt.

Winners: Storm and Soho


After commercial was the main event. Daniel Garcia vs Jon Mickey with Chris Jericho on commentary. Oh and William Regal! That’s awesome The pettiness is leaking through the screen I love it. This match was great man. The crowd was into it and Garcia is more than a solid worker himself. He can be a little boring outside the ring but he has good in ring storytelling for his experience. This match had a high bar to match after there first clash on Rampage. This match was better. What a main event they went a couple minutes over but screw it when the match is that good “Rat in the kitchen” can wait. Mox cut a promo after the match.

Winner: Mox


This show rocked Great job. This was a great show made amazing by a hot crowd. This weeks episode gets 🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽

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