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Eddie Kingston: A Family member helped In my Decision Not To Sign With WWE

Recently Eddie Kingston appeared on the Weekend Joe podcast and spoke about his offer from WWE

“[WWE] never gave me any inkling that they wanted me, so I never really thought I was ever going to go there or even get a look at. I got the look at more seriously after my match with Cody, when I debuted. And yeah, there was a consideration … My mom was a big factor [in my decision]. Me and her talked about it, I had a chance to pick and choose … My mom was just like, ‘Look, you ain’t going to be happy at WWE.’ That was her feeling, and she’s an outsider, so she doesn’t know any of the ins and outs, or the rumors, or any of the clickbait stuff.”
Being in AEW gives Kingston a bit more leniency in what he wants to say on live TV, as opposed to WWE where a PG rating is the target. But even in AEW, Kingston once said something that caused enough of an issue that they had to re-tape the segment.
“I went out there, I started talking sh*t to Cody and to Arn, and I called him Cody Rhodes. And at the time, they didn’t have the Rhodes name. So my first day on the job, Tony Khan runs out and goes, ‘Hey, we’ve got to re-do it.’… Now I’m turned up 1,000, you know what I mean? And I feel someone tap me and I turn over and I go, ‘What the fu*k do you want?!’ And I go, ‘Oh hey, Tony.’ So that was probably the last time I had to be stopped or said [to], ‘Hey, don’t say that.'”

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