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Former Main Roster Superstar Returns as WWE NXT Superstar Scrypts

Scrypts has officially arrived in WWE NXT.

After weeks of teaser vignettes with the mysterious Scrypts leaving voicemail rhymes for the WWE Performance Center receptionist, and spray-painting graffiti on the building, Scrypts made his debut on tonight’s show with a win over Guru Raaj. After the match, Scrypts left a calling card on Raaj’s chest, then went back to celebrating before making his exit.

The masked Scrypts was previously known as former WWE 24/7 Champion Reggie on WWE’s main roster.

Scrypts used unique offense in the ring, which plays off Reggie’s past as a professional circus acrobat and Cirque du Soleil performer. Scrypts also displayed several unique mannerisms, including a gimmick where he seemed to paint or draw in the air.

Reggie has been away since his loss to Shelton Benjamin on the September 8 edition of WWE Main Event. His last RAW appearance was the Battle Royal on the June 27 RAW. He originally signed with WWE in January 2020 and debuted on SmackDown as Carmella’s French sommelier

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