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Hell In a Cell review and results: 2022

Hell in a cell 2022 started with the RAW womens championship triple threat match between Bianca Belair, Asuka, and Becky Lynch. This match was good obviously and the right woman won. It had the action you would expect and that’s a good thing. I wish they would present Asuka a little more seriously though. The pop for Bianca was crazy. This was a great way to open the show and all 3 women got their shine. It’s a little weird that the baby face stole the pin to retain though but no one else minds so it’s not a big deal.

Winner: (C) Bianca Belair


Next on the show was A backstage segment with MVP and Omos preparing for their match and Cedric tried to talk to MVP and he snapped on him. I love that Cedric is finally being featured on TV with an actual direction.


Before the actual handy cap match against Bobby Lashley MVP rapped the video package and I hate this and love this so much. I honestly don’t know if I should rate this separately or not. You know what even Omos made it better so screw it.


And finally, Omos and MVP vs Bobby Lashley. This was a cool down match for sure but over time the crowd started to get into it. Lashley had to get absolutely trucked for it to happen but I mean who relent love a Green Giant. Hold up this match has regular rules? Like there’s count-outs and stuff? Ok I guess, that feels like even more of a disadvantage but maybe that’s the point and I’m a mark like all of you…Anyway I really liked the Cedric Alexander part. He tapped out MVP with a full Nelson and got a much bigger pop than I expected but again that’s a good thing. I’m ok with being wrong…join me, it’s much more peaceful over here.

Winner: Bobby Lashley


Next was my main event. Kevin Owens vs Ezekiel. This story makes me so happy. It’s nice to see Chad Gable valued…No for real I like Ezekiel and Kevin Owens a lot. Owens is one of the most consistent wrestlers on the planet for the past decade. Zeke is getting better over time and he has a great elbow drop. I loved the way he sold the stunner at the end and It’s nice to see Kevin get a win.

Winner: Kevin Owens


After the Ozzy shoutout was BulLiv Club vs The Judgement day. This match was really good. I think everyone came out of this looking better. My one critique is that I don’t like how hard Rhea Ripley is forcing her joker inspired taunt down are throat. Honestly if Rhea Ripley and Finn a balor had a match I’d be all for it. They keep teasing her fighting one of them but I like that she used it to her advantage. I’m excited to see where this story goes from here.

Winners: The Judgement day


Next up was A follow up on the Cedric Alexander story. He was backstage and him and Bobby passive aggressively made up. This was great Cedric has a lot of talent and this is a huge step in his character development.


Madcap Miss vs Happy Corbin in a no holds barred match. This match was good for Moss, he’s improving a lot in the ring and on the mic. They just need to stop calling him Madcap. Corbin is great but the reason a lot of people don’t like him is every time he gets something good or makes something good out of what he’s given WWE like stretches him out so thin that it ruins everything he did leading up to it. I hope this is the end of the feud because this match was a good way to end the story, don’t drag this one out, because a lot of people was invested in this story. I like the Happy Corbin gimmick and that whole story but I don’t like the direction they went with it. Good match, let’s push Riddick Moss in the mid card.

Winner: Riddick Moss


The show flips to another gear at this point. Ali vs © Austin theory for the United States Championship was the semi main event of the evening and it over delivered. I knew the match was going to rock, but this was a great match. Ali has been underused like always but that’s the past and he’s getting booked in title matches now so that’s good. A lot of people would’ve like to see Ali win a title in his hometown of Chicago but Theory was obviously the right choice. He’s a future star man. Ever since he was in the Way I could tell he had “it” and I’m all aboard the hype train to A-Town. (I can’t believe I said that)

Winner: Theory


And finally the main event…wow. Cody Rhodes has a pectoral muscle torn off the bone and he wrestled a Hell in a Cell match. I’ve always been a Cody fan but my existing respect for him has increased 10 fold. That would have been a. Great cell match even if he wasn’t obviously injured. He couldn’t even do his entrance and he took a weight belt shot to the chest. He took multiple bumps pj it and chose to lean into the stairs with his injured side during the stair spot outside the ring. Combining everything, work and shoot. This is one of the best Matches I’ve ever had the privilege of watching live. I would’ve had Seth win, but he’s good enough to not be hurt by this because his character dis already insane anyway.

Winner: Cody Rhodes


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