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Kota Ibushi has been posting his frustrations with NJPW on his Twitter account, with the first tweet coming on May10th

Ibushi’s tweets were seemingly directed towards Kikuchi, Taichi, and TAKA, with the former IWGP World Heavyweight Champion calling them the “cheaters gang” due to their politics backstage.

However the most shocking tweet was directed at New Japan management, where He accused them of having involvement with the Yakuza. The Yakuza are well known organised crime syndicates. If these claims turn out to be true it result In huge trouble for NJPW.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter has an update on this situation, with Ibushi’s namedropping of the Yakuza causing a damaging effect on NJPW’s parent company Bushiroad’s stock price.

“Nothing major has changed on the Kota Ibushi front. The only major stuff is that there is belief that Ibushi’s statements and bringing up the Yakuza has hurt the stock price of Bushiroad, so that has become a serious company issue. Because Ibushi went after Takami Ohbari, the President of New Japan, this may take Bushiroad President Takaani Kidani to intervene.” -WON

An update from the Observer said that sources close to Ibushi believe he is awaiting his release from NJPW

“Another wrestler very close to the situation who knows Ibushi said that he is just waiting to be released and isn’t going to say any more right now. But he said Ibushi has a lot more he could say, but doesn’t want to hurt the wrestling industry in Japan by doing so. There is a basic feeling in New Japan that the wrestlers care about the other wrestlers and people like Gedo in management do, and the doctors there very much do, but a lot of management treats them like pieces of meat. They believe they don’t care about the wrestlers themselves and that leads to problems.”

Kota Ibushi is one of New Japan Pro Wrestling’s biggest stars and him leaving could do Significant damage to the brand.

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