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Matty's Wrestling Review

Ladies and Gentleman, welcome to the first review of the year and I am starting this review with the Royal Rumble 2022.

In the city of the famous iconic Gateway Arch, St Louis, Missouri, the Royal Rumble was presented at The Dome, America's Centre. 44,390 witnessed the first live audience of a Royal Rumble since 2020.

Seth Rollins Def. Roman Reigns Via DQ.

During Roman Reigns title run he has always had someone in his corner and it was an unfamiliar sight with him walking to the ring on his own. When awaiting his Opponent a very familiar theme music gave the fans in the arena a most surprising pop. It has been 4 long years since we have heard The Shield theme song and with Seth 'Freaking' Rollins dressed has a Shield member once again added the mind games to this excellent build up of this match up. The match was back and forth throughout, with good spots from Seth power bombing Roman through the annoucers table to Reigns SuperMan punching Rollins for only a close 2 count. With Roman slowing down the pace of the match and putting Rollins into the ChokeHold, it looked like it was over. However Rollins reached the ropes but Reigns did not release the hold after the ref 5 count and caused a DQ. I can see this finish to rub fans the wrong way however, i feel this makes the storyline stronger for both men and see what avenues opens up during the road to Wrestlemania.

Grade: A-

30 Women Royal Rumble Match (Ronda Rousey wins at #28)

This by far is the best Women's Royal Rumble match since it began in 2017. The first two wrestlers were Sasha Banks (#1) and the returning Melina (#2). Melina looked emotional and that may have been the reason for her unlucky elimination of slipping off the apron and being 'Eliminated' by Banks. Throughout the match it was nostalgic feel with Kelly Kelly (#4), Michelle McCool (#10) and Lita (#26). Some of the 'Legend' entries really shouldn't have entered into the match as they were so rusty and looked like they were just there for the paycheck only.

The highlights of the match were Liv Morgan (#6) and Bianca Bel Air (#8)with both ladies doing double Iron Woman duties. The fans were into this match and was loudly wild when Rousey arrived into the match at #28. The final 2 i could understand has they had history, of that i mean Charlotte (#17) and Ronda Rousey. Throughout the match, there were some botch moments and the final elimination felt that way also. all together a well set match and looking forward to who Ronda picks for her returning Wrestlemania match.

Grade: B+

Becky Lynch Def. DouDrop via Pinfall

This match was unlucky. As a viewer watching on the screen, I am thinking why is the crowd dead. Reports came in that the Wrestlemania sign caught on fire and some of the crowd had to be escorted away. This match was not a classic, however both wrestlers put each other good and there is clearly no clear loser in this storyline rivalry. The only problem I had was Kevin Dunn multiple camera angle switches every 6 seconds.

Grade: B

Bobby Lashley Def. Brock Lesnar to win the WWE Championship via Pinfall

This match was weird to be on before the mix tag team match but later on in the PPV, we had our answer. This match is a dream match that we have wanted since Bobby Lashley first appeared in WWE in 2005. The match was back and forth of who can suplex better and who had the biggest balls to risk it all. At one stage it looked like it was Lesnars to win however, with a F5 hitting the Ref it caused Reigns to appear out of nowhere to spear Lesnar and have Paul Heyman give him the belt to attack lesnar with. With Heyman double crossing Lesnar this story is looking more juicy and is looking like the end of the rivalry is near. Bobby Lashley pinning Lesnar and becoming a 2 time WWE champion hopefully gives Lashley a bigger push that he deserves. With Big E, Drew Mcintyre and Finn Balor all on Smackdown i do not see a real baby face to face Lashley at Mania.

Grade: B+

Edge & Beth Def. Miz and Maryse via Pinfall

This match was amazing. This was so entertaining and it felt like a PPV match. All 4 wrestlers gave tremendous performances and big mention to Maryse who did some vintage moveset from Divas Era days. Everybody did great work but still felt tiny lacklustre and the ending felt predictable. I do not know the future holds for both Beth and Maryse but I do hope they continue on TV.

Grade: B-

30 Men Royal Rumble Match (Brock wins #30)

Soon after lesnar lost the match earlier, a lot of people knew the outcome of this match. Royal Rumble Matches should be unpredictable and enjoyable. This match was a dud. It had no surprises apart from Shane McMahon (#28) and Bad Bunny(#27). Once again Bad Bunny proved he is talented in that ring. I would of preferred Johnny Knoxville (#9) winning the Rumble match then have Lesnar take the win. Obviously Backstage creative didn't see any other avenue and place Lesnar in at #30. There were never really any great spots, poor Kofi Kingston(#24) had a bad botch landing and was eliminated too early. I also noticed a lot of theme songs were changed and us fans were tired because we did not know who was arriving next. This match is a basic example of poor creative and shows the problems in backstage WWE.

Grade: D-

All together the PPV was enjoyable to watch and produced some excellent moments to ride momentum on towards Elimination Chamber and Wrestlemania.

PPV Grade: B

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