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Maximum Male Models Website... Real!?

During Friday's episode of SmackDown, Max Dupri flaunted 2 two male models in front of the WWE Universe, in a fashion show that was all about the 2022 Tennis Collection. During the show, he blushed over his models & talked about their stunning features, while trying to hammer home the idea that he's looking for more talent, just like Mace & Mansoor, who are here to "Titillate the juices of your guilty pleasures."

The Former EEEEEE-LIIIII-DRAKE told fans to send in their full-body photos & he would consider their applications. He also said that if you didn't think you had the same stuff as his models, not to bother. Michael Cole then repeated the website that fans could go to & it's actually a real site...!

Fans can go to the site -- run by the founder of Maximum Male Models himself -- & actually submit an application. Word of caution, this is not a serious application process, as WWE warns right off the top, when filling out the form, that they will not actually accept applicants to join the group. Still, you can fill in your name, email & information, then upload a full-body photo.

McMahonopolis' clearly going all-in with this idea. It's so over-the-top & Max's so good on the mic, he just might actually make it work. That WWE has created a website... that fans can actually visit... makes it even more entertaining and you'd have to wonder just how many applicants will apply & if Dupri will show some of the photos on #WWEonFOX programming, each week. It certainly would be a tarheelian move, to pull photos of fans & trash their looks on live television.

Having a website that makes it seem like the group is adding applicants all the time, might be teasing the fact this group won't just stay a duo-driven faction. To really put on a fashion show, he might need more than a couple of wrestlers & if McMahonopolis really wanted to have some fun with this, create a real catwalk & put on an actual fashion show.

Go on... lie & say you wouldn't watch!

Source: the Sportster

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