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Mick Foley Comments On The Undertaker Not Mentioning Him During His Hall Of Fame Speech

Following The Undertaker’s WWE Hall of Fame speech last month, Mick Foley would trend on Twitter due to not being mentioned. Adding to this, Foley’s daughter, Noelle would complain about the snub. Foley, however, would address this on, In The Kliq podcast

“I forgot to mention my wife during my speech, so I’m not one to lecture anybody about who they should and should not include in their speech. I was not there for those formative years. His was more about friendship and support. We had a great rivalry, but he didn’t mention Rock or Austin. So, if I’m not hurt, no one can be hurt on behalf of me.” -Mick Foley

Between 1996 and 1999, Foley shared a ring over 160 times with The Undertaker. Many people feel Mick Foley reinvigorated The Undertaker’s career. Their names will forever be attached especially when it came to their legendary “Hell in the Cell” matches.

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