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Music Mayhem Monday... is 2 Sweet!

Welcome to another version of Music Mayhem Monday. It's every Monday where I bring to you the music that makes me pop or something I can easily just remember the amazing times had I have watched the stars whose music made the crowd go nuts.

Of course, if you haven't already guessed... this little ditty should be known by everyone and if for some reason you don't know this opening theme... turn in your wrestling fan card cause you don't deserve to have one.

Let's face some facts. nWo was and still is one of the most over and known factions to ever grace the squared circle in probably the history of professional wrestling. Sure some came before (Four Horsemen anyone)? and some during and after, but none, and I mean none captured the imagination of wrestling fans of a group of renegade wrestlers taking over WCW and eventually the world.

Of course, as iconic as this stable was, so was their music. As soon as that music hit, you knew that they would come down the ramp, strutting and looking like they owned the wrestling world and they did.

But have you ever wondered how they came up with the theme? Think you've heard it before somewhere else? Well... You did. The entire nWo Theme is a mish-mosh of several Jimi Hendrix songs. The main riff is in fact Stars that play with laughing Sam's dice. The next couple of notes are from Hey Joe, the refrain from the intro is of course from Stone Free and the last bit after that is Highway Chile.

So there you have it folks... nWo 4 life and Jimi Hendrix is 2 Sweet!!

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