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NWA Star Natalia Markova gives us sneak preview of her new look with new gear

Nothing looks better than black and white

Natalia Markova surprised her fans with a brand new look and brand new gear. she has added black gear with white stripes to her wardrobe (She currently wrestles in gold gear and red gear).

Natalia Markova shows off her NWA hoodie along with her new gear

Natalia Markova has been making waves in the world of wrestling lately she is the former Shine world champion and the current House of Glory womens champion. Now that she has cut her teeth in the NWA she is ready for more gold. She is undefeated and holds a victory over NWA woman’s champion Kamile. What’s next for the Russian Crush maybe a NWA title reign ? Maybe a Bang Energy drink sponsorship?

Check her out on, Just Another F’N Podcast

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