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NWA star Mercurio saves fellow star Natalia Markova after robbery

Updated: Jul 5, 2022

NWA star Mercurio (Bryan Idol, who recently debuted) plays a heel on tv, but on June 15th he was a hero. Bryan and fellow NWA star Natalia Markova were at Tampa airport returning from a flight. Natalia Markova realized her purse was missing and she had been robbed on the plane. Bryan Idol asked Natalia Markova if she had her air pods in her purse and since she did, the detective work began. They were able to track the purse using the, Find My Apple Device app on her phone.

They ended up tracking the air pods to a WalMart in Pinellas Park, Florida. Natalia had just received a fraud warning on her phone as they entered the store. Bryan realized that the thief, could very well be at the store register at that very moment. After recognizing a man who was also on their flight purchasing a $700 television, Bryan lept into action, confronting the thief. Bryan recalls, “When I went up to him at the register I was like ok bro that’s her credit card you’re using”, the crook left Natalia’s credit card and took off ! He didn’t get far as Bryan chased him down and tackled him. Natalia and Bryan held him down until the authorities arrived. Natalia Markova declined to press charges once she got her belongings back. In an exclusive quote she gushed about Bryan Idol and his heroics,

“It was the coolest quaterback sack, He played football a little bit in the past so that definitely helped, it feels so awesome to have your own personal hero”

Bryan Idol also had this to say

“I was in shock that somebody from the air Plane would steal a bag like that”

Bryan Idol and Natalia Markova are the dynamite duo! When will criminals learn you don’t ever steal from a pro wrestler they will always find a way to take you down!

The video below shows how the whole incident went down at the Walmart in Pinellas Park, Florida.

Natalia Markova was so thankful she made a gofund me for Bryan Idol

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