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Owen Hart North American Championship Trophy belts given out at AEW PPV

The first Owen Hart Foundation Men's and Women's Tournaments winners were awarded championship belts. The belts look very similar to the Hart family’s North American championship from Stampede Wrestling

After Adam Cole defeated Samoa Joe, his girlfriend Britt Baker won her match to confirm the couple would be crowned the inaugural Owen Hart Cup holders.

The belts seen below will be given out Annually to the winners.

Martha Hart gave a speech thanking AEW and the fans. People would chant. “Owen, Owen, Owen“, throughout her speech. Near the end in an emotional moment the fans then chanted, “Thank you Martha!”Many fans have been urging her to let WWE induct Owen Hart into the hall of fame so he could be honoured and for many reasons she would not allow this. Chris Jericho recently connected Martha Hart to AEW and Tony Kahn. The Thank you chant was for letting AEW honour and to reestablish Owen’s legacy. This is Owen Hart‘s hall of fame induction, so thank you, Martha indeed!

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