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Raw review: June 20, 2022

The raw womens champions Bianca Bel Air started the show with a promo announcing Rhea was injured and a fatal 5 way would decide the new #1 contender. Then the 5 ladies came out in a promo ladder before the match. This was a great match but the winner was a little weird. She’s the only person in the match who doesn’t have anything going on right now but It feels like a throw away match. After Becky had a backstage segment with Pearce setting up Asuka vs Becky in the main. All of this was cool.

Winner: Carmella


Next was Vince Mcmahom! Once again he said nothing basically. This was a power move by Vince and I see why he did it. I just wouldn’t have…


Riddle vs Omos was next in a Money in the Bank qualifier. First Riddle cut a promo and it was good. He lost the match though which is bad for two reasons. One, Omos in a ladder match with 2 big dudes already in the match might be a little clunky. Number two, Riddle has main event potential and with Randy out he should be winning singles matches to stay strong. I do like that Seth attacked him after the match.

Winner: Omos


Next was more of the Lashley and Theory flex off and I hate this so much. It was the same but Bobby won this time.


Next was Ezekiel and Elias…


After commercial was Elias in concert. Take my money now. This wouldn’t work without Kevin but thank the lord he is. He should win a Title this year though, he more than deserves it.


Lashley started a gauntlet match after the break against Chad Gable who I’m always happy to see. He should win more but Gable doesn’t need to win to stay over. Great finish for the Gable section of the match. Otis attacked Lashley after the bell. Bobby beat Otis which was definently the low point of the match, I’m just not an Otis fan. Theory was next and beat on Bobby. Lashley pinned Theory with a surprise roll up to become #1 contender for the U.S title.

Winner: Bobby Lashley


After commercial was the main event. They got 10 minutes and had fun with them like they always do. Every time they wrestle it’s good but they’ve wrestled so much already and Asuka like just got back. 6of the last 7 weeks Asuka and Becky have competed in some way or another including earlier this show! Becky attacked Asuka before the match. They had a great back and forth and Asuka got the win. Becky melted down at ringside after the loss. Great stuff!

Winner: Asuka


This was a good show. It wasn’t perfect but I enjoyed this weeks episode more than the ones over the past few weeks but the world champion needs to be on the show, at least when he has both belts.

This weeks episode gets 🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽

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