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Roderick Strong has asked for his release from WWE

There is speculation more WWE releases are on the way. Breaking news has a WWE star asking to be removed from his contract.

Fightful noted today that Roderick Strong has asked to be let out of his contract. The report says he asked for his release “multiple times” over the last several months. Of course just because you ask does not mean you will be granted that request. NXT sources say they wanted a name change for Strong but he was completely against it. Some In WWE are surprised that Strong was not let go because he asked for his release on different occasions. All of his Undisputed Era teammates (Adam Cole, Bobby Fish, and Kyle O’Reilly) are regularly featured on AEW television. His wife Marina Shafir also now works for AEW. WWE sources are saying that there are no plans to release him because they have creative plans in place for him.

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