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Samoa Joe to Play Sweet Tooth in Peacock Series “Twisted Metal”

Earlier this week, Will Arnett was announced as the voice of Sweet Tooth in upcoming adaptation of Twisted Metal on Peacock. Today, it was confirmed that All Elite Wrestling Superstar Joe "Samoa Joe" Seanoa will play the "physical body" of the character. Sweet Tooth is one of the biggest and most recognized characters in the Twisted Metal PlayStation games, and he'll likely have a very big role in the upcoming adaptation. Sweet Tooth is a physically intimidating character, and Seanoa's casting makes it sound like that's what we'll see in the show, as well. In a press release, Peacock detailed the role of Sweet Tooth in the series.

"JOE SEANOA (AEW) will play the physical body of 'Sweet Tooth,' a hilarious and terrifying hulk of a man, who is as emotional as he is cunning. A lover of chaos, this majestic rage-filled killer dons an ever-smiling clown mask and uses 'Lost Vegas' as his own personal kill-ground, all while he drives his infamous doomsday ice cream truck."

Sweet Tooth was one of PlayStation's earliest icons. Appearing on the box art for the first Twisted Metal game in 1995, Sweet Tooth has gone on to appear in several follow-up games. He also appeared as one of the playable characters in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, a game that featured some of the biggest PlayStation names. While Twisted Metal was once a major series on PlayStation consoles, there has not been a new game since 2012. If the Peacock series is successful enough, perhaps that could change!

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