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The Electricity The Energy & The Emotion of CM Punks Return

Look in my eyes, what do you see?

The cult of personality

I know your anger, I know your dreams

I've been everything you want to be...

Last night CM Punk made his long-awaited return to professional wrestling to say that it was electric was an understatement. I can't remember a time in wrestling history when a crowd was filled with sheer emotion, (I mean fans were crying in the crowd). Rarely in life does anticipation and elation match up so perfectly but just like Christmas morning “Punkmas” was here. The Second City Saint soaked up the moment on stage before walking down the aisle and hugging several people and then in a way only Punk could do he dove into a crowd of fans. He then broke free and made his way to the ring and embraced fans like they were old friends he’d known them for year's.

Wrestling fans love their heroes just as much or more than any other sport, because they aren't just athletes they are performers. The ultimate hybrid between actor, athlete and rock star. Last night in the United Center CM Punk was a rock star! He had the crowd hanging on every word, as he dropped a silent pipe bomb by completely omitting his entire WWE career. When he releases the words from his mouth;

"On August 13, 2005, I left professional wrestling, On August 20, 2021, I'm back, and I'm back for you."

The crowd let out a gasp as they completely understood what he was saying. He could have easily rambled on like the Ultimate Warrior and it still would have been incredible.

One the best parts of his 2011 “Summer of Punk” was the demand for WWE to bring back the old ice cream bars, which never worked out for him. CM punk ended that saga last night as he ended his segment with this;

“One more thing. Seven years is an awful long time to wait for somebody. I appreciate everybody here who has waited. So on your way out of the United Center tonight, grab yourself a free ice cream bar on me.”

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