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Time for the Heels to wow us!!!

For those that haven't followed Stephen Amell post-Arrow, he's got a new show, and to be honest, it's right up his alley. It's no secret that Amell is a huge wrestling nerd. He's been in the ring and hell, even has his own Bullet Club shirt. This my friends is a match made in heaven.

Heels, from the man that gave you the Loki series on Disney +, Heels is the story of the Duffy brothers, whose Kayfabe names are Jack Spade (Amell) and Ace Spade (Alexander Ludwig). Jack is the hardened heel and Ace is the traditional blue-eyed face, with his long hair and Saturday Matinee Hollywood looks. They are not only their top wrestlers, but they are running the promotion after their father, Tom Spade suddenly passes away. The roster is rounded up with several character actors and even some professional wrestlers that play veteran wrestlers and up-and-coming rookies. Hell, even CM Punk makes an appearance.

These brothers must come together to keep their legacy afloat while other promotions are creeping up on them and forcing them to change their business model.

Wrestling is an untapped resource for drama and magnificent storytelling that Hollywood has chosen to ignore for some weird reason. Darren Aronofsky did an amazing job telling the story of Randy 'The Ram' Robinson and others like Young Rock tell amazing stories of Pro Wrestling. It's a shame that it's been over 10 years since The Wrestler came out to have another shot at a peek behind the curtain.

I for one am looking forward to this and from some of the reviews I have seen, it looks like it might be enough for anyone to order Starz.

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