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Tony Kahn Confirms Penelope Ford Is On The Injured List

Photo Credit: AEW

One of AEW’s toughest challenges as of late is pivoting in new directions due to the numerous injuries their roster is dealing with. Just to name a few: CM Punk is out with a broken foot, Bryan Danielson has reported concussion issues, Kenny Omega has multiple injuries he’s been recovering from since last Fall, and Jungle Boy is also out with an undisclosed injury.

So it’s no surprise that the Founder and CEO of AEW, Tony Khan, took to Twitter earlier and confirmed another star to the injured list. This time, it’s one of AEW’s original women’s roster members, Penelope Ford. When a fan directly tweeted him and asked, “Hey @TonyKhan so I guess you’ve given up on @thePenelopeFord?” Tony Khan would adamantly deny that it is not the case.

“Not at all, total opposite in fact; she’s a great wrestler, and I can’t wait until she’s medically cleared to come back. She’s been in some classic @AEW matches, and hopefully she’ll be in many more,” Tony responded.

Courtesy of Wrestling Inc

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