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Tony Khan Addresses AEW Fan Reaction To Sammy Guevara And Tay Conti

AEW President Tony Khan was a recent guest on the Swerve City podcast where he talked about Tay Conti.

Khan believes addressed the recent heat she has gotten on AEW TV since being paired with her real-life boyfriend, Sammy Guevara. Khan concedes he misread how fans would react to the two as an on-screen act.

“Tay Conti, she came in and she’s great,” he said. “In NXT she seemed like she had a ton of potential. So, I thought since she’s come into AEW she’s had great matches. Obviously, her presentation has changed and changed. Now it’s continued to evolve with Sammy, and they’ve really found something special on and off-screen, honestly.” “It’s great, and I am really happy for them. I was really happy for them, so maybe I misread how happy the fans would be for them. So, I think I have course-corrected that. You don’t try to fit a square peg in a round hole. I like Sammy, I like Tay, the fans like Sammy, the fans like Tay. I like Sammy and Tay together, the fans do not, and that’s where we differentiate, so that’s what I have come to accept.”

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