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Tony Khan talks about about The Owen Hart Cup

Tony talked glowingly about the Owen Hart cup on the most recent episode of Busted Open Radio.

“I’m excited, in May, we’re going to start the Owen Hart Cup tournament. And before the cup tournament starts, similar to the Olympics or the World Cup or a lot of the big tournament events out there, there’s qualifying. You know, pre-tournament qualifying. And we’re going to have that for The Owen Hart Cup, both the women’s tournament and the men’s tournament.

“And I’m really excited about getting in there and finding out who’s going to make the competition. I’ll have announcements coming up soon about The Owen Hart qualifying matches, but I promise the fans these tournaments, both the men’s tournament and the women’s tournament, will be excellent.” -Tony Kahn

Many people wonder if Bret Hart will be part of this tournament in anyway. Will we get that special forgivnes moment between Bret and Martha Hart?

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