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Undertaker Didn't Want Current AEW Performer Dressing Like Him

The Undertaker quickly shot down the pitched idea for Jeff Hardy to dress as him, during their 2002 feud.

That year, the pair had a brief feud that culminated in a Ladder Match for the Phenom’s Undisputed WWE Title on the July 1st episode of WWE RAW.

Speaking on “The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy” podcast, Matt Hardy recalled how the Deadman immediately dismissed the idea:

“I remember ‘Taker shot that down pretty quickly. I do remember Jeff pitching it. Jeff said, ‘What if I could come out in the old Undertaker hat, come out in the entrance & I get down & do the pose, while ‘Taker’s in the ring?’ Like mocking him, to p**s him off, to try to set up this match down the road. He said, ‘No, I don’t wanna go there.’”

The Undertaker retained his title, but showed the Charismatic Enigma a sign of respect after the match.

The Rainbow-Haired Warrior signed with All Elite Wrestling earlier this year, but is currently suspended without pay, following his recent DUI arrest.

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