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Voice of the voiceless finally come home to a heroes welcome

Well, the worst kept secret in all of wrestling for the last month has finally come to fruition. C.M. Punk came back to the sport he changed to a homecoming like anything that has ever been done.

I won't bore you with details. That's not what this article is all about. What this is about is one dude's thoughts and feelings on what is and always will be the greatest debut in professional wrestling.

While I was raised in the great city of Boston, I was born in the equally great city of Chicago. I still have family there and when I go there, I have a kinship with this city.

I am also a wrestling mark and above all, I am a CM Punk mark. I followed him in Ring of Honor. I followed him to WWE, where I haven't watched their programming before that. I thought he was bringing legitimacy to the company from Connecticut. A real wrestlers wrestler would be taking this company back to its roots.

Besides a couple of Money in the Bank wins, a couple of championship runs, and whatnot, he was never utilized to the full potential.

Now fast forward 7+ years later and we get the homecoming all wrestling fans wanted and begged for. I sat with my sister, brother-in-law, and nephew and watched the world's biggest pop ever heard in pro-wrestling. We're talking seismic activity off the charts. I was brought to tears. A man I consider one of the best in the world is finally in the squared circle again and doing what he does best.

Punk is the everyman's wrestler. Blue Collar, hard-working and wins for his fans. No wrestler has the connection with fans that he has. He transcends pro-wrestling. He is C.M. Punk and I'm more than happy that he is finally back doing what he loves... making opponents GO TO SLEEP!

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