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Who is the new Kris Statlander?

Kris Statlander has been known as the Galaxy’s greatest alien since she started her wrestling career. This character is fun-loving, silly and zany. Entertaining the fans with her mind-reading nose boop! That character has been removed and replaced with a more fierce serious version of Statlander. She recentky spoke to Steel Chair Magazine, explaining why she needed the change.

“Presenting myself differently was something that I wanted to do, it was 100 percent my decision,” Statlander said. “I felt like as many opportunities as I may have been getting, I was never really being fully taken seriously. I wasn’t sure what was holding me back, maybe it was because I was too fun, too lovable, too goofy and easygoing … I know my potential and I know how much more I have to offer. If I wasn’t given the opportunity to show everything that I can, presenting myself in that other way, then maybe a new look, a new perspective will grab the attention of the people that really need to see it and we’ll finally kind of flip the switch in their mind and be like ‘Oh, she’s actually someone not to be messed.’

“I got tired of people looking down on me and making fun of me and being like ‘Oh, she’s too nice’ and stuff, like ‘Oh, you can take advantage of her’, which has happened with my former friendships multiple times. I’m just here to show that you can’t walk all over me, I’m not just some fun little quirky alien. Being ‘more than a woman’ alludes to being different and that’s really what I’m all about, just being okay with being different but in a more serious way.” - Kris Statlander

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