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Will We Have a SmackDown Women's Title Match?

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

UPDATE: Sasha Banks is apparently not at SmackDown while Bianca BelAir is in attendance and backstage. This could mean that their Championship is in jeopardy of not happening.

I can understand the fear and while their chances of this match happening on one of the Big Four PPV's definitely poses a problem. There is no word on why but seeing as both were cleared by WWE personnel, there could be an issue of Sasha possibly having COVID. As soon as we find out anything more, we will post it here.


News from the company of the North, WWE is that Bianca BelAir and Sasha Banks have missed two house shows over the recent week and speculation has been running wild over the reasons they were not on the house show cards despite being there in person.

Of course with the pandemic still ravaging the world and with variants surfacing all over the place, it was thought that one or both had COVID. According to WWE, both have no medical issues and are physically able to compete at this Saturday's Big Show, SummerSlam.

Some are saying that the WWE is hesitating on this match and are worried that the match wouldn't happen. They are scheduled to be at the go-home show this Friday at SmackDown.

I would be surprised if something happened this week leading to SmackDown and SummerSlam and this match didn't happen. I could find only one reason that this could not happen and it would have to do with vaccinations over injuries.

While WWE doesn't have a policy on mandatory vaccinations for staff and talent, those not vaccinated must wear a mask at all times and be tested before the show for all talent. Sasha Banks has spoken her mind on not getting the vaccine and if she were to test positive, this could be the issue with the match not taking place.

Also, there is a mask mandate in Las Vegas, where SummerSlam is being held, and those attending must either show proof of being vaccinated or will have to wear a mask.

We will probably find out more on Friday as to whether this match will take place Saturday. Stay Tuned for further updates.

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