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Wrestling Fan React To Ezekiel And Elias Segment On WWE Raw

Photo Credit: WWE

WWE took the Ezekiel – Elias – Kevin Owens storyline to new heights on Monday’s “Raw,” Many fans and wrestlers rumoured to love every second of it.

Prior to the Elias concert, WWE aired a special backstage encounter between the two brothers, which was apparently doctored to look like they were both sitting in the same room. Once Elias’ concert started, an irate Owens interrupted to question the legitmacy of the brothers’ meeting, claiming that they used CGI effects to deceive the WWE Universe. However, Owens would grow even more annoyed when Ezekiel popped up on the Titantron from the backstage area with Elias still in the ring. Thereafter Elias got the audience to sing along to a song that went “Kevin Owens is a liar,” which led to Owens tossing the guitar out of the ring. Elias retaliated by striking Owens with his signature jumping knee followed by a guitar shot to the back.

When Owens returned to the backstage area, he challenged either Ezekiel, Elias, or whomever, maybe their younger brother Elrod, to a match on “Raw” next week. Just then, Ezekiel appeared out of nowhere to accept the challenge. Needless to say, Owens reacted frantically!

Courtesy of Wrestling Inc

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