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WWE Almost Had a 007 Type Character... & You'll Never Guess Who!?

WWE rejected plans to make Cesaro a ‘James Bond-esque’ character, the former WWE personality Dutch Mantell has claimed.

He left in February & joined All Elite Wrestling, under his original ring name of Claudio Castagnoli @ the recent Forbidden Door event.

Speaking on the Smack Talk podcast, Mantell spoke about the character pitched for the Swiss Superman:

“Before I left, I said, ‘Listen, why don’t you guys think about this? Why don’t you guys try to do this James Bond 007 look for Cesaro.’ Just see how that’d come out, because he looks like a classic European... & he dresses nice, he looks nice.

“They didn’t see any worth in that. I don’t even think they knew what I was talking about. They said, ‘Hell, he doesn’t know what the hell he’s doing.’ But they could’ve done a lot, lot more with Cesaro, had they just sat down & thought about it. That’s the problem. They don’t sit down & think about stuff.”

WWE did give the former Antonio Cesaro a short-lived Bond-style entrance, but his character bore no resemblance to the iconic Ian Fleming-created superspy. Yeah, that tear-away tuxedo was... just no.

Castagnoli has won both matches for AEW so far, having dominated @ Forbidden Door & won with the Blackpool Combat Club in Blood & Guts on last week’s AEW Dynamite.

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