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WWE Interested In Morrissey After AEW Performance

Sources say WWE was quite impressed with William Morrissey’s performance on AEW Dynamite this week. Morrissey was handpicked by Maxwell Jacob Friedman to face MJF’s foe Wardlow. Morrissey looked dominant for the early part of the match, but then Wardlow got the upperhand and ended him with a vicious powerbomb.

On the Mat Man podcast, Andrew Zarian reported the IMPACT star caught the eyes of his former employer WWE as they were curious when Morrissey’s contract would be up in IMPACT Wrestling. They also said there would be no guarantee they would take him back, but that there was interest in him.

In June 2011, Morrissey signed with Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW) which was WWE’s developmental territory at the time before it was rebranded in 2012 as NXT.

While Morrissey did not win championship gold in WWE, he was in a very popular tag team with partner Enzo Amore. The team won the NXT Year-End Award for Tag Team of the Year in 2015. The team had some really awesome tag matches with other teams but could never grasp a hold on the belts. After they split, Morrissey suffered a legitimate knee injury, a torn ACL, during a Brooklyn Street Fight against Amore. Morrissey underwent surgery and was out of action for eight months.

After he returned from injury, Morrissey was still battling his demons during his run with WWE and was eventually released in 2018. He has since signed with IMPACT back in 2021.

Being a 7-feet tall powerhouse, Morrissey could have been a world champ with his dominating caliber. Maybe he will be given a chance if he signs with WWE again.

Do you want to see the realest guy in the room back in WWE?

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