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WWE's Plans for a WWE Women's Tag Team Championship Tournament are 'Dead'

WWE's attempt at crowning the next Women's Tag Team Champions has already run out of steam, according to Dave Meltzer via the Wrestling Observer. Back on May 16, both Sasha and Naomi over reported frustrations with the booking of the women's tag titles, which the pair won back at WrestleMania 38. The two had pitched the idea to face Doudrop and Nikki ASH at Hell in a Cell, but the company instead wanted the pair to split off and challenge Bianca Belair and Ronda Rousey for their respective championships in singles matches.

Their walkout prompted WWE to release a statement chastising them for their actions, the two were then suspended a d stripped of the titles. It was announced a tournament would be held to crown new champion. Meltzer recently described that idea as "dead". Reports dropped recently that WWE was considering calling up NXT stars in order to fill the bracket, as the main roster only has two womens teams ASH/Doudrop and Shayna Baszler/Natalya.

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