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10 Wrestling Marriages That Ended Poorly

When you’re on the road for more than three quarters of the year as a wrestling superstar, there’s a good chance you might find companionship with another member of the roster that turns into more than just a friendship. Over the years, several WWE Superstars have met and fallen for and perhaps even got married to somebody they met on the road. There are also some wrestlers who have met their spouse outside the wrestling world, but have still found drama akin to a WWE storyline.

However, many of us know the statistics, a lot of marriages can often end up in divorce. But unlike most civilians, these poor unfortunate souls oftentimes have to find a way to coexist in the sport, should both superstars stay in the business after breaking up. There are some wrestling marriages that work out, others not at all.

#10: Steve Austin & Debra McMichael

After meeting in 1998 when she originally came to the Federation, Queen Debra and the WWE Hall of Famer started dating almost immediately. They would wed in 2000 at the now-infamous Little White Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas. Debra even took part in some of Austin’s shenanigans when he was a tarheelian in 2001. But then Stonecold’s life spiraled out of control... both in and out of the ring. After Steve Austin’s walkout on WWE, he and McMichael got into a scuffle that saw the pageant queen unfortunately battered and bruised. The couple’s divorce was finalized in early 2003.

#9: Charlotte Flair & Bram

In the ring, Charlotte isn’t too many titles away from matching her dad’s record - she’s only four reigns away from tying WWE Hall of Famer "Nature Boy" Ric Flair. Out of the ring, sadly... she’s also halfway to matching Naitch’s marriage record, as well. She’s now at two and currently married to Andrade El Idolo.

Her second marriage was to former Total Nonstop Action Wrestling star Bram. The couple was married for two years, before calling it quits in 2015. According to their settlement, each party has waived their rights from receiving any money from the other's careers. Both wrestlers barely, if ever, even talk about each other, much less their marriage.

Bram's now known as Thom Latimer, currently married to NWA World's Women's Champion Kamille, so I think he's doing okay for it.

#8: Kurt & Karen Angle

A few years after the WWE Hall of Famer won the Olympic Gold Medal, he married Karen and started his Federation career. By the time the Olympic Hero had gotten to Total Nonstop Action Wrestling, they had two kids together. Karen has filed for divorce in 2008, and to makes matters worse, news came out that she had been seeing another WWE Hall of Famer, dating Jeff Jarrett since 2007. TNA didn’t really seem to care for the emotional well-being of anybody involved and turned the entire thing into a storyline that saw Kurt emotionally abuse his former wife.

Karen's currently married to Jarrett, while Kurt's enjoying wedded life with American actress Giovanna Yannotti.

#7: Kevin Sullivan & Woman

Despite not looking like an imposing force, there are fans to this very day that still think Kevin Sullivan's the Devil Incarnate. The sawed-off pitbull was the head booker of World Championship Wrestling during the mid-nineties and promoted his wife, Woman, to be one of the valets for The Four Horsemen. But Sullivan inadvertently worked himself into a shoot during his feud with the stable. Both in storyline and in reality, she had left The Taskmaster for Chris Benoit.

#6: Randy Savage & Miss Elizabeth

In one of wrestling’s great emotional moments, the reunion of the Macho Man and his long-time valet at WrestleMania VII can still bring a tear to even the biggest cynic’s eyes. After several years apart on TV, Randy finally popped the question and the pair’s marriage actually headlined SummerSlam 1991. In reality, the couple had been married for quite some time. But unfortunately, the WWE Hall of Famer’s hyper-overprotectiveness forced Miss Elizabeth away and the couple split up in 1992. They eventually reconciled their volatile differences and Savage was able to look after her in WCW.

#5: Marc Mero & Sable

The former Johnny B. Badd provided a story about the bitter breakup between him and the Attitude Era bombshell Sable. As he has told on several different podcasts, after going back to the WWE, Rena Mero would call Marc and their daughter every night to say goodnight. Eventually, the calls got less and less and he feared something was wrong.

Mero even left an angry voicemail for her. But then he decided he was being a fool and Sable was probably just tired. But when he went to delete the message, two messages popped in, and then the Wildman realized his paranoia was not unfounded. But forgiveness was given a whole new meaning, when he found out the wrestler in question Rena was cheating on him with... was Brock Lesnar. The Beast stole the Shooting Star Press and the TKO from Mar, might as well take the wife to Horizontal Suplex City, right?

#4: Jerry Lawler & Stacy Carter

In early 2001, the Federation released The Kat from her contract, with basically no real explanation given. The WWE Hall of Famer decided that he would up and leave too in a show of solidarity for his wife. But that clearly didn’t mean squat when Stacy wound up staying out later and heading out with friends on weekends - she was cheating on the King. Thankfully, WWE still was able to welcome Jerry Lawler back with open arms.

#3: Goldust & Marlena

Dustin & Terri Runnels were the strangest couple of The Attitude Era. Alongside Sunny and Sable, Marlena was probably among the most popular Divas of that era. Unfortunately for the Golden Couple, Goldust couldn’t leave well enough alone. As the story goes, as Terri tells it - WWE Hall of Famer "American Dream" Dusty Rhodes had put all sorts of rumour and innuendo out there, that she was nothing more than a gold {dust?} digger and a cheater. It was enough to drive a wedge between the two and end their marriage. However, through a divorce, for the sake of their daughter Dakota, they were able to patch things up.

#2: The Undertaker & Sara Calaway

During The Dead Man’s run as The American Bad Ass, he started riding to the ring with a muscular blond at the back of the bike. The WWE Hall of Famer loved his then-wife Sara so much, he inked her name onto his neck.

She was even involved in the abysmal stalking angle with fellow WWE Hall of Famer Diamond Dallas Page. She stayed off TV for some time afterward. They ended up divorcing in 2007 and Undertaker has since removed her name from his throat.

The Phenom's now Rollin' Rollin' Rollin' with current wife Michelle McCool... & to say he has "a type", would be an understatement.

#1: Steve Austin & Jeanie Clarke

As the WWE Hall of Famer was shown the door in World Championship Wrestling, Lady Blossom was by his side... sometimes as his valet, but mostly as his wife. When he got to WWE, Jeanie stayed at home to make a decent family life for the pair, while he rose to prominence. According to Clarke in her autobiography, Stonecold was abusive to both her, his first wife, drugs, and alcohol. She also claims that Austin made little-to-no attempt to be a father to their children, once Jeanie moved back to her native England. The couple divorced in 1999.

Source: the Sportster

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