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Adam Cole, WWE or AEW?

It started last week when Dave Meltzer reported that Adam Cole had offered a deal by AEW after his WWE contract expired last month. Dave Meltzer and would later say Tony Kahn had refuted this.

WWE officials including Vince McMahon then had a meeting with Cole prior to Smackdown to discus his contract situation.

Ringside News reports that a tenured member of the WWE creative team informed us them there is “no huge push” to keep him in the company. It was said that fans “shouldn’t get [their] hopes up” regarding this situation, because “there’s just money being thrown his way for a role most people won’t believe.”

Another rumor floating around the internet is that a $1 million contract was offered to Adam Cole by WWE When inquiring about that rumor, we were told: “I wouldn’t put much stock into that million dollar offer.”

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